Resources for Readers and Educators

Consumers of news play a vital role in ensuring fair and inclusive coverage. From choosing which reporters and outlets to follow to sharing, commenting, and engaging with news stories, readers can help hold media accountable when covering abortion and reproductive freedom. Similarly, educators provide important tools for spotting disinformation, distinguishing opinion from fact, and questioning unsubstantiated claims. With that in mind, Tell the Whole Story has provided information and resources for readers and educators to help keep the media accountable and create more accurate news coverage. 

Abortion coverage is one facet of a larger effort to delegitimize, depersonalize, and ultimately dissuade women, transgender people of all genders and people of color from being politically active. NARAL and its organizational partners have worked with UltraViolet to create a comprehensive guide for journalists and platforms to identify and avoid unintentional sexist, transphobic, and racist bias or disinformation when interviewing, writing about, or moderating content about women, transgender people of all genders and people of color running for or holding political office.

Read and download the guide from UltraViolet here.

Sample Tweets

  • Abortion coverage tracks to moments of litigation and legislation – not real people’s stories, the impact of restrictions, or medical research on abortion. We shouldn’t wait to cover abortion access only when it’s in jeopardy.
  • More often than not, abortion coverage is framed as a partisan battlefield, despite consistent support for #roevwade. #7in10forRoe
  • A report from @NARAL shows how media covers the issue of choice. SPOILER ALERT – coverage suggests the issue is polarizing & politicized when there’s actually mainstream consensus on repro freedom. #7in10forRoe



  • Support for repro freedom is a mainstream position, yet media often frames the US as narrowly divided on the issue.  A report from @NARAL found that nearly half of reporters covering abortion focus on politics & exclude the voices of those closest to the issue: pregnant people & doctors.

Real People's Abortion Stories

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